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Red Dot Sights: A Critical Military Review

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Red Dot Sights: A Critical Military Review

It is not possible to describe the whole variety of tuning in one article, so today we would like to touch only one point, the red dot sights. On this issue, opinions are particularly polar.

It is not possible to describe the whole variety of tuning in one article, so today we would like to touch only one point, the red dot sights. On this issue, opinions are particularly polar. One group of specialists says that without a red dot sight, modern weapons are inconceivable and that only with it you can shoot quickly and accurately.

Another group with no less enthusiasm claims that the red dot sight is the creation of the devil, or at least the American special services, created solely to break the combat readiness of the army in the coming confrontation with the utilitarian countries.

red dot sight

All experienced instructors know how difficult it is to organize classes with shooting on moving targets. The engines with lifts at the shooting ranges are few, they are far away and work badly. Homemade designs of matches and acorns are unreliable and often fail.

In addition, the radio-controlled robots, as usual, were not brought, and the authorities on the offer for such a purchase are twisting their fingers at their temples. In the course are radio-controlled cars, taken away from sappers, caterpillar robots and the oldest mechanism, a target on a stick, which is waved by an instructor or an unsuccessful employee.

Micro Red Dot Gun Sight

A few years ago in small competitions for the regional Special Forces, it was possible to still build one moving target. And again we remember the moment of sudden awareness of the scale of the problem, when the well-trained employees missed time and again, not believing the mistakes themselves. It is clear that after a little training everyone started to fall, but we cannot ignore the fact that we shoot very little at moving targets.

But here the red dot sight again makes the task easier. We cling to the view of the target, instantly we bring the aiming mark, the result usually does not make us wait. Of course, you can get involved with mechanics, the question is the amount of time spent on training.

Moreover, regarding the red dot sight attachment, we will only consider the most common points. The realistic options for rifled weapons are on the gas tube, instead of the aiming bar, on the receiver cover, and on the side bracket.

red dot sight for rifles

You must reliably install it on the weapon, shot it, and test it according to your program to get completely satisfied. The last thing left is to shoot the sight at all distances and to understand where you need to aim at each of the possible distances.

Ballistics and alignment: just remember that while all your colleagues do not understand where they need to aim at 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450 and 500 meters, the archer-weapon complex with the red dot sight will be less effective than shooter with a conventional machine.

Only if all three factors are observed, namely: a quality sight, reliable attachment and full knowledge of the ballistics of the ammunition, you will achieve an increase in the effectiveness of the fire. And if you ignore any of these items, the red dot sight on your weapon will not even be useless, but simply a dangerous toy.


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