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Product Spotlight CVLIFE Rifle Scope

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Product Spotlight CVLIFE Rifle Scope

A hunter knows his capability to hit a target best. It’s only as good as the rifle and the optics that he or she uses. While many shooters are sold on expensive brands, cheaper scopes can be quite as good. One just needs to clear certain myths surrounding the cheaper makes, simply because they carry the ‘Made in China’ tag. It’s also an obvious fact that an attachment that costs you less than a hundred bucks can’t be using the same premium materials and designer touch as a scope that costs you above five or seven hundred dollars. Yet, how good or otherwise, can a cheaper option be? When we look closer, at the technical specs, one would discover that one can even get a piece with a 6-24 magnification and a 50 mm objective that is at an astonishingly low in price. Yes, it’s true and it’s not bad at all.

The CVLIFE 6-24x50 Hunting rifle scope simply a piece of gear that one cannot ignore. It’s designed as a long-range optics. The magnification of 6-24x supports this and the 50 mm objective lens is large enough to let enough of light to penetrate for clear targeting. The tube is black coated aluminium. The unit is fog, water and shock protected even though probably not to the same extent as some of its costlier competitors.

The optics are not at all bad either. It gives you coated glass to allow for the maximum amount of light to pass through and prevent fogging in wet conditions. The lens itself is clear even if not of the same standard as the expensive options. In normal conditions, it would give a perfectly good image of your target. The reticle consists of traditional crosshairs that are illuminated in either green or red. The illumination can be switched off or gradually increased in brightness in overall 11 settings. The field of view at 100 yards is 28 feet. The objective diameter is 50 mm which is sufficient to get enough light even at the highest magnification levels.

The turrets are capped, feel solid and are easy to adjust. They hold zero well even after several rounds. The adjustments for windage and elevation are in 1/8 inch increments per click at 100 yards. The adjustment range is overall sufficient and as you’d expect. There’s no parallax adjustment.

For its price, this attachment certainly offers a lot many features and super quality. You get a solid attachment for long range shooting and hunting. It’s built sturdy and offers all you can ask for in such an attachment. The glass quality even if not quite the same as in the expensive options but it’s far greater than what you’d expect it to be at the price point. It’s easy to adjust and once you have sighted your target and you sure would be able to consistently hit your target. The build is sturdy and the product won’t let you down. The turrets are easy to adjust and capped, something uncommon in the same price range.

Many have purchased an attachment of this make considering the low price point. The surprising element is that there’s been a flood of positive reviews. Check out for yourself what people that purchased this rifle scope have to say! Be convinced.


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