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Picatinny Rails Or The M-Lok System?

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Picatinny Rails Or The M-Lok System?

AR-15 owners throughout the nation are searching for the best hardware, AR rail systems, and accessories for them. There's no one-size-fits-all answer because every shooter possesses a distinct and distinct set of traits. Ranging from height, weight, and shooting strategy to shooting frequency, shooting purpose, and visual preferences, these variable elements determine what type of devices, receivers, and AR rail systems will be right to make your AR the overall bundle for you.

Although we can't tell you what is right for you, we can ensure you that in a market this developed, there are choices that you're going to love once you discover them. In today's blog, we provide some high-level details about 2 modern-day and popular designs of AR rail systems-- the Picatinny Rail, or Photo rail, and the more recently developed M-LOK system.

Both AR rail systems are in widespread usage throughout the United States, and both have some special qualities to offer. Our goal here is not to crown a champion or perhaps try to sway you. Our objective is just to supply some info that we hope will get you begun in your search. Let's start.

Picatinny Rails

Of all of the contemporary AR rail systems-- we specify that as whatever established considering that about 1980-- Pic rails have shown they have the most remaining power. In time, that may change, however since today, Picatinny rails hold the prestigious, if uncomplimentary, recognition as the "Old Faithful" of AR rail systems.

Established in 1992 by a New Jersey weaponsmithing firm, Picatinny Toolbox, at the behest of the United States military. Picatinny Toolbox re-imagined the Weaver rail system that had actually been in usage since the 1930s and integrated it with some of the elements that they were using on long-range weapons-- miniaturized, naturally. The result was the Pic rail.

With the ability to install hardware onto the 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock, and 9 o'clock positions on a Picatinny quad rail, not only was the US government delighted with the result, but it permitted prevalent modification for private AR owners too.

Picatinny rails offer a constant and wide locking slot, and a fairly sleek, angular feature. A Photo rail can accommodate a lot of hardware if you remain in the mind to load up your AR. Furthermore, it is still commonly considered to be the superior AR rail system for heavy-duty, innovative optics.

m lok bipod

The M-LOK System

The M-LOK system is a real beginner in the AR rail system market. Developed in 2014, the M-LOK system was Magpul's answer to the also reasonably new KeyMod system from VLOTR Weapons Systems

M-LOK offers some attracting benefits. Primarily, it's a quite lightweight rail system, yet it still maintains a credibility-- over its reasonably short life-span up until now-- as being more than durable sufficient for practically any AR user.

The M-LOK system likewise uses a double point attachment platform that enables AR 15 accessories such as lights and foregrips to be mounted with a great deal of versatility for personal choice and convenience. M-LOK systems are developed to get the most out of the least amount of product. This assists with weight, but it also helps to decrease the expense of the M-LOK AR rail system, making it a popular choice for budget-conscious shooters.

The last benefit of the M-LOK we want to cover is the system; it was Magpul's choice to make the styles open-source, allowing designers, engineers, and toolboxes all over to produce parts and devices for it with the need for an adaptor.

Best Rifle Bipods

Conclusion For These 2 AR Rail Systems.

Both of these AR rail systems enjoy a healthy dose of popularity and strong sales. So, which one is in fact better for your needs? That all depends upon what your requirements are. The Picatinny rail system is more sturdy and built to deal with heavier installs without a loss of efficiency. The M-LOK system from Magpul isn't quite as hardy, however it is lighter and has a growing number of tactical hardware being developed for it every day.

So, if you want an AR rail system for long-range target shooting, hunting, or other shooting that requires heavy-duty, innovative optics, then the Picture rail might be a better place for you to begin. However, if speed, rapid-fire accuracy, and comfort are more important to you, than chances are excellent you'll choose the M-LOK system.

The M-LOK system has placed itself as the de facto king for this argument at this moment in time. With the capability to add Picatinny rail accessories to an M-LOK now, going the pic rail path doesn't make good sense as a contemporary shooting enthusiast. The adaptability of the M-LOK rail system and its weight savings really offer it the edge that the Picatinny rail system simply can't take on any longer. Now if you wish to be "clone right" on some older weapon layouts, then you have to go Picatinny, those are the guidelines. Luckily, for those with the more modern MLOK system on their AR-15 rails, RailScales has a multitude of products offered to upgrade the function and visual far beyond what a Picatinny rail might provide.

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