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Most Typical Laser Mounting Systems

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red laser sight handgun

Attaching a laser sight to your weapon is a common upgrade that numerous owners perform, as it is a simple intro into customizing your firearm. Plus, whether you pick a red laser or a green laser, including one to your weapon can quickly improve your precision and efficiency. While a laser sight is especially efficient in high-stress and tactical situations, it is still beneficial even if you mainly use the gun at a regional shooting range. However, if you're new to these attachments, you might be uncertain what kind you need and how to install it to your weapon. To assist you with this, I have actually developed this short guide to talk about the most typical and popular ways of installing a laser sight bore sight kit.

how to bore sight a rifle

Laser Grip

One popular option for pistols is a laser grip, which connects to the grip of the gun. You can find lots of fantastic designs for the majority of major handguns from Crimson Trace. From Glocks and 1911-style handguns to Walther PPs and Berettas, you'll likely find a laser grip for your handgun. Most of these laser sights laser bore sighters have an activation switch on the back of the grip or the side near your thumb. This permits the laser to activate from the pressure of your hand when you draw the pistol from a holster. This is exceptionally convenient and can conserve time when you are under pressure. However, a laser grip might affect your holster fit, as the retention straps might not fit. Thankfully, Galco has a large choice of holsters that are made to use with laser grips.

Trigger Guard Mounted Laser

Trigger guard mounted laser sights have actually grown in popularity since they are versatile. While these sights aren't universal, you can typically swap them between guns of a similar make and design. The greater space offered for these laser sights allows them to be bigger, and the higher size provides a more powerful laser. There are 2 things to bear in mind with trigger guard lasers: they change the shape of your weapon, most likely requiring a brand-new holster, and because of the method they mount they rarely maintain accuracy after even just a couple of shots.

Rail Mounted Laser Sight

The most typical laser sights mount to a rail. You can find excellent laser sights that install on Weaver or Picatinny rail bases. While this isn't a problem for AR 15s, AR10s, and shotguns, for a pistol, ensure you have enough rail area. Rail mounted lasers are the go-to choice for a lot of rifles due to the fact that they tend to be more powerful and have more functions than smaller sized lasers. Rifle and shotgun lasers are larger and heavier to allow for more power and longer battery life, in addition to include other devices such as weapon lights. A fantastic way to conserve cash, rail area, and weight is to utilize a laser/light combination.

bore sight laser bore sighter

Which Should You Choose?

This primarily depends on the type of weapon you are utilizing and personal preference. For example, if you are utilizing a subcompact pistol, a trigger guard installed laser or a rail mounted laser sight might not be practical because the frame is too little, which would make a laser grip the best option. Regardless of your choice, we have a wide variety of laser sights offered to fit your weapons. We also have lots of in-stock ammunition so that you can train with the brand-new attachment effectively, along with red dot sights and weapon lights.
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