Micro Red Dot Sight for Guns and Pistols

Micro red dots are very small rifle scopes that work with a red dot or red dot sight. A good example of such a micro red dot is the 1 x 25mm Reflex Sight from CVLIFE. The use of red dot sights has taken a considerable flight and become more and more popular compared to shooting with the metal standard targeting or iron sights such as the keep/grain.

Micro Red Dot Gun Sight

For short distances of up to about 25 meters, you can very accurately shoot with grain and keep from your iron sights. Of course, this depends on your quality as a gunner and the quality of the weapon. If you shoot at greater distances, a rifle scope will be much more accurate.

With a rifle scope, you have the opportunity to enlarge your goal and get better. In addition, the crosshair gives a little more grip to be able to focus properly. Does not mean that it can also be a fun challenge and experience to shoot, especially at shorter distances, with the keep/grain. Still likes to hit something without having to enlarge the target 10 times first.

red dot sight

If you look through the micro red dot sight you will see an illuminated point also called red dot. This allows you to focus on your goal very quickly, without first having to align the two points that you use with iron sights or standard targeting tools. If you shoot with iron sights, you have to look with one eye and have the notch and grain in line to shoot clean. With a micro red dot, like this 1 x 25mm Reflex Sight, you only have one point, the red dot that targets you at the target. You can look open with both eyes.

Moreover, the eye relief is unlimited. It does not matter so much at what distance your eye is from the red dot sight. You also see that no parallax occurs. The red dot size of this 1 x 25mm Reflex Sight is 3-4 MOA. This is otherwise everywhere on the internet, the Field of View or Field of view is 100 yards.

red dot sight for gun

This micro red dot can be used on both pistols and guns. Another possibility is to mount it on the side of a rifle scope, so you can use it for various situations. This can be done with the Vortex Red Dot Rifle Scope 45 Degrees Mount or Vortex Razor Red Dot RT45 Offset Mount. You place this at a 45-degree angle next to your rifle scope. This red dot is suitable for short and medium-long distances and is often used to quickly shoot at shorter distances, where you use the rifle scope for the longer distances.

The micro red dot comes with a plastic protective cover with which you can protect the red dot during transport or if you do not use it. This keeps the unit clean. A cleaning cloth is also supplied with which you can safely wipe the screen of the red dot. Never use cleaning agents, as this can damage the red dot.

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