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Introducing CVLIFE Tactical M-LOK Bipod

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Introducing CVLIFE Tactical M-LOK Bipod

Choosing a bipod to fit the specific application is not rocket science. Some may be huge and goofy, but they may work best for your purpose. Some may be lighter and more compact to work better a field situation. Pick what works for you, not against you. If it flexes a bit it allows good loading. If there are rubber feet provided, they could grip any surface and provide a soft contact point to ensure there is no hard-to-hard contact between your weapon and the elements to keep the harmonics in check. If there’s adjustable tension it would help manipulate your weapon from the firing position to level it up without violating NPA. Lastly, the versatility in how you can position the legs is without equal.

All considered, the CVlife Tactical M-LOK is a great choice. The features and specifications are just incredible. The M-LOK rail is designed such that the bipod can be attached to the rail directly. It’s made of hardened steel and aluminium, non-rust black anodized finish, the rifle bipod is duty and lightweight. The leg release button allows the central height of the unit to be adjusted from 6 inches to 8 inches. With 5 settings for different length, the piece is ready to meet your needs. The legs can be folded forwards and backwards, locking securely into 5 positions. It’s fully adjustable and lockable legs with quick retraction features make the clamp-on bipod a wonderful choice for shooters and outdoor sports enthusiasts. The leg Height is 7.5 inches/ 190mm when retracted. It stretches to 9 inches / 228 mm when fully extended. It’s light in weight, weighing just about 10ozs.

If you are rocking and rolling with a modern sporting gun like the AR-15 or AR 10 and are looking for a budget deal the CVLife Tactical is one solid choice. It is designed to be fitted with a Picatinny rail system and gives you 7.5 to 9 inches of height. The legs are independently adjustable and have five different positions for height. To adjust the bipod, you simply push a button and pull the legs downwards.  The product features a unique swivel head. It allows you 360 degrees of panning capability. It allows the rifle to scan left to right as far as necessary. It gives you an amazing ability to track moving targets or for the comfortable surveillance of the entire landscape. The mounting is of a Picatinny rail and the piece has Independent Adjustments. The CVLife Tactical M-LOK is not only made entirely from anodized aluminium but is available at a great price. Features such as the adjustable leg length from 7.5 to 9 inches, the 5 position forward or backward folding legs and the heavy duty material of hardened steel and aluminium are a winning combination that sets this piece apart from the rest. The package includes the M-Lok Bipod with the Allen key.

CVlife is a well-established brand in hunting and rifle accessories with growing patronage. The high product quality at competitive pricing makes it one of the fastest growing brands in this space. Some of the products even come with a lifetime warranty and are available to order online. The company provides excellent customer support on all its products and the Tactical M-LOK is a star product.


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