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How to Measure Scope Height: Simple and Effective Ways

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How to Measure Scope Height: Simple and Effective Ways

An inaccurate mounted scope can not only badly kneecaps the rifle's precision but influences the convenience of usage of the entire rifle itself.

An inaccurate mounted scope can not only badly kneecaps the rifle's precision but influences the convenience of usage of the entire rifle itself. In any case, figuring out a proper scope ring height for your rifle is essential for comfy capturing and optimum precision, yet the different of mounting systems and the inconsistent ways that many manufacturers label their products can make this process complicated, to say the least. The good news is, we have actually broken it down into an simple and easy guide, so if you're seeking a foolproof system for getting perfect measurements, continue reading.

Measuring Scope Height

There are two most typical manner ins which manufacturers measure range elevation:

  1. Measuring from base to ring center.
  2. Measuring from base to ring's bottom edge.
There are several formulas for how to determine sight height that will certainly provide you really close zeroing. I'm not a big mathematics enthusiast, and since you're reading this, you're more than likely desiring the most simple and efffective method to go, so right here it is:
  • Measuring from base to center:
Take the diameter of your objective lens in millimeters (the 2nd number in your optic's designation, like the 40 in 3-9x40mm), add 2 to 4mm for the thickness of the scope body (you can often get this specific number from the supplier if you like), and divide that result by half. If you favor an equation, it's (diameter + 2-4mm)/ 2 = scope ring height. Using our common 3-9x40mm range instance and a middle ground of a 3mm scope body, it resembles this: (40 + 3)/ 2 = 21.5 mm center height.
  • Measuring from base to ring edge:
A little thicker, however still manageable. Separate the measurement of your scope tube (usually either 1 inch or 30mm) by 2 and also add the producer's sight ring height. A 1-inch tube = 25.4 mm, so half of that would  be 12.7 mm. You'll still have to account for your objective lens, however. Just divide your objective lens by 2 as well as ensuring that number is smaller sized about the scope ring height which you'll clear the barrel. Those calipers I pointed out will certainly be the handiest method to make sure you have got it right before you hit the "BUY" button online.

Typically, the following are loose guidelines for scope heights based upon objective lenses and also a standard tapered barrel, yet you should still measure before you buy:

  1. 40-42mm: Low
  2. 44mm: Medium
  3. 50mm: High
  4. 55mm+: Extra High

scope height

Choosing the right rings

As soon as you understand what's your scope height is, you will be clear on the minimum height that the centreline of the scope must sit above the receiver. Currently all that is left is to purchase the tiniest ring as well as base combo that's higher than this measurement.

For instance, if your scope height is 22mm specifically, you can utilize any type of ring and base suite that's higher than 22mm and also obtain the appropriate aim.

Depending on the manufacture, some gauge ring height from the inner ring edge to the base. If this is the case, you need to add the following values to them according to their scope height.

  • For a 60mm scope, add 0.5 inches
  • For a 30mm scope, add about 0.6 inches (0.59 to be exact).
  • For a 35mm range, add 0.68 inches.

If you have any questions or need any kind of explanation on the process, sound off in the commments and let us know! And if you're seeking a brand-new range scope, head on over to our checklist of the rifle scopes under $200!

Happy shooting, and also see you at the range!


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