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How to Make a Turkey Hunting Plan

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How to Make a Turkey Hunting Plan

Do you like hunting turkey, saying turkey, and eating turkey? If so, hopefully the next plan will inspire you. We may never be able to satisfy our desire to pursue the King of Spring and the food he brings, but you can maximize your time knowing that you've given your all.

1. Change the Way You Think About Hunting Late Season Birds

Most hunters give up after the first few weeks of turkey season. That benefit you because you're not most hunters. When the temperature rises, the woods are thicker than dog hair, the ticks are plentiful, and many mosquitoes want to take you away, it's time to hunt. Honestly, late season hunting can be enjoyable, so don't be prevented. I know a few turkey hunters who like the latter part of the season. Indeed, the thick leaves make it hard to see turkeys. The same woods can hide your approach and keep you close to a turkey, increasing your chances of eliciting a action and getting that bird to commit. Late bird hunting will also expand your turkey strategy. If you've scouted on private land, know other hunters aren't present, and are comfortable with this strategy, harvesting in open fields can be an exciting way to run them into close range shots.

2. Go Out of State

With the exception of Alaska, 49 United States hosts for spring turkey season. Will the logistics cost of an out-of-state label and additional travel be higher? Yes. Are you wanting to go turkey hunting? Yes. Depending on the state, turkey season may start before your traditional stomping ground, or end after your traditional stomping ground. By analyzing out-of-state options, you might have the ability to end your season with some great hunts, or just add one to your turkey list. Out-of-state hunts can allow you to pursue new species, learn their habits, put you in stunning landscapes, and undoubtedly lead you to develop new turkey strategies. You'll become a much better turkey hunter and have a great time along the way.

3.Pick up a Bow

Some states provide early archery season to get you prior to the scatter gun starts to burn. Benefiting from these seasons makes it easy to brush off your present deer setup. You can also include some turkey-specific gear, such as a wide head with a large cutting diameter, an arrow system designed specifically for head shooting, and hidden shutters. These early season birds can come in flocks, however if you get into them, you will be in them.

4. Go International

Love turkey hunting. Imagine you are on a turkey hunt in the most beautiful scenery. You can connect your safari with some of the coolest big games on the planet. Let's not forget the gin streams and world-class trout fishing. Of course, for absolute turkey hunting fanatics, chasing food will be the main focus.

5. Disguise Your Turkey Hunt as a Tropical Vacation

Do you need to celebrate a milestone anniversary in spring? Does your family want to sunbathe? Do all these scenarios have you biting your nails at the thought burning a week of vacation to not turkey hunt? Hawaii could be your ticket to a compromise in Turkey. Hawaii has plenty of turkeys. With a March opener, it's the best oppotunity to get into some unique turkey action this spring. There are subtle differences between public lands and taking guns to the island, which you will need to research and navigate. Gears are readily available and might be your fast track to success.











In conclusion, when you talk about turkey hunting, you need to think outside the box, keep an open mind and seriously consider all your options. It's easier to do that and bring you good times, exciting adventures, and downright pleasure.


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