How to Fast Zero Your Rifle For More Accuracy

Zeroing--a process of align your rifle with the sights, in order to aim your target accurately within the set distance.

Why zero the rifle?

The goal is to “zero” your rifle so it will accurately shoot to a point of aim at a specific distance. You may want to zero your rifle so it hits the center of a target at 100 yards if you know that your shots will be at that distance when hunting.

The Fastest Steps To Zero

  1. Set your rifle on a proper bench rest, making sure it is stable and secure so it will not move

      2.Line up the cross-hairs in the centre of the target and squeeze the trigger

     3.Once you have your bullet strike, move the rifle so the cross-hairs are covering the centre of the strike. Make sure the rifle is steady and secure again.

     4.Now, using the scope turrets, move the cross-hairs back to the centre of the target – the next shot should go where they are pointed now.

These are the quickest way to zero your rifle, please fine tune to ensure fully zeroed.

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