How to Choose a Laser Bore Sighter
It can be long that zeroing in your firearms to ensure that they are as accurate as possible, and not to mention boring, process. Furthermore, you may have to fire a lot of bullets before you actually do zero in your gun. And considering the fact that ammo isn’t cheap, that process can take a lot money.

But what if there is a way to zero in your firearms in a very short time and without actually having to do any shooting?

It turns out there is just a way to do that: using a laser bore sighter. We’ll cover why you need a laser bore sighter, how to look for in it.

Why you need a bore sighter
The previous method of bore sighting was simple: you would need to remove the bolt from the rifle, and then peer through the bore at the target. You need to peer through the scope, and adjust it until the reticle center was right over the center of the target.
Fortunately, bore sighters make the process even simpler, because the laser replaces the conducting the manual inspection yourself.

You will no longer need to remove the bolt or even peer through the scope in order to zero in on your target. Instead, you just place the sighter inside of your barrel and close the action. The laser will then emit from the end of the barrel and reach your target.
Granted, you will need a reflective target in order to reflect the laser beam, but still the process is very easy. You would then need to adjust the crosshairs of your scope until they are centered towards the dot of the laser.

Choosing a Laser Bore Sighter
The first thing to know with a laser bore sighter is that spending more money will usually buy you a higher quality product. The more expensive kinds of laser bore sighters also come installed with additional features, such as the ability to fit in most calibers of gun barrels.
You will definitely want a high quality laser beam sighter. The beam should be intense and colorful, and most come in either red or green.

Red is the more common option, and they are also cheaper. But whereas red lasers are highly visible during nighttime, the same cannot always be said during the day.

Green, in contrast to this, will work just as well for you during the day as it will remain highly visible. But on the flip side of things, green laser bore sighters are also almost priced higher.

Finally, the next primary feature of laser bore sighter is battery life. The longer the battery life, the better. The last thing you want to have happen here is to be sighting in your rifles only to get a ‘low battery’ warning and for the sighter to shut off afterwards.

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