How Can a Laser Sight Improve Your Shooting Skills

Does the laser have any advantages over optical sights with magnification, collimator sights and mechanical sights, which sometimes also include luminous tritium or fibre optic inserts? In a word, yes. Lasers are useful not only during the shooting itself. When used correctly, they can be great training tools that will help you improve your technique without having to go to the shooting range and burn cheap ammunition. First of all, the laser can help you in working out the fundamental principles of accurate shooting.

First, always point the gun to the safe side and always keep your finger away from the trigger until you are ready to simulate the shooting. From the zone where you train, you need to remove all live ammunition. Remember, the purpose of training is to develop good habits, and not to improve one’s skills at the expense of others. In addition, although laser sights are widely used, they are unsafe if used incorrectly. Never point the laser at anyone’s eyes, including your own; you can inflict irreparable damage to your eyesight.

shooting laser sight

And finally, before you can train at home, the laser must be shot, just like a normal sight, with shooting live ammunition. Then, before the start of the workout, check and double-check if the weapon is empty. And now, having adopted these principles of safety, let’s move on to how the laser will help you improve your accuracy.

Unlike other aiming devices, the laser literally touches the target. It does not just impose a crosshair or a point on top of the target. The laser beam really touches it. When training with real shooting, only a bullet is made. But if the laser does the same, you can train at home with a discharged weapon. What you need for convenient laser training at home: just a black marker, sticky notes for notes and an unloaded weapon with a laser sight. And that’s all.

hunting laser sight

With a marker draw a black dot on the sheet, then paste it on the wall at eye level. Start from the big point and gradually, as you improve your skills, reduce its size. Squeeze the weapon grip with a combat grip and imagine that you are at the shooting range. Use mechanical sighting devices to check the alignment of the aiming line, fix your stand and grip, and then look at the target. Most likely, this small dot will dance over the entire target (and even the wall).

One of the most useful properties of the laser sight is that it shows you how much the movement of the trigger or impact striker affects the retention of the sighting line and how important it is to pay attention to it. These moments may seem to you instantly, but there is a short time between the impact of the drummer or striker over the capsule and the exit of the bullet from the trunk. At this time, to ensure the accuracy of the shot, it is necessary to withstand the sighting line. This is your task. Look at the point from the laser on the target at the time you press the trigger.

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