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Best Deal! Rifle Scope or Red Dots? Get Luxury 3-Piece Optic Set

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CVLIFE scope

Scope , Red Dots or Laser Sight? Get them all!

Rifle scope, red dot and laser sight, 3 most important optics. They can definitely boost your shooting confidence in a big big way. But too many types and parameters make you get a lot confused, right?

What are differences  between them? How to choose? We talked before

What if a combination of these three? 

YES! Today let's break down these LUXURY CVLIFE 3-piece optic combos, each one is selected... then you will know why it called a LUXURY set.


rifle scope

4-12x50 Rifle Scope 

As you know, rifle scope plays a pivotal role in shooting.This luxury combo includes a brilliant and universal 4-12x50 rifle scope with built in Picatinny rail. The magnification can dial in from 4x-12x, which is the most universal size, fit from 100 yards to 300+yards shooting range, which means whether or not short and long distance, this scope is able to handle any situation very well.

4-12x50 Rifle Scope

Moreover, 50mm big objective lens is one more highlight of this awesome device. 50mm suits long distance shooting and lower lighting condition, to deliver a clearer light transmission and wider field of view.

rifle scope

Holographic Red/Green Dot Sight   

Dot sight is also an indispensable part of this optic set. Now let's talk about this high-end device--holographic dual color red/green dot sight. 

rifle scope and dot sight combo

Firstly, what is holographic? 

The technology inside a holographic sight is more complex than almost any other kind of optic. Rather than red dot LED technology, holographic sights use laser technology. A laser is transmitted from a diode, then reflected off multiple mirrors to send a holographic image to you.

rifle scope and dot sight combo

Compared to red dot sights, holo-sights undoubtedly feature significant advantages. :

1. Holo-sights will enable you to see the target and reticle at the same time. 

2. Their reticles will hit targets directly are able to effective avoid misalignment, therefore significantly reduce parallax, even at very long distances.

3.Perfect for using with magnification, you'll benefit from the fact that dots of holo-sights won't be magnified,which means nothing would be covered of your target like red dot sights.

4.Faster target acquisition at full range.

5.Can still operate with the front lens broken or obscured by snow/mud.
Next, let’s take a look the included Holo-sights. It quipped with 4 types of reticles in red and green dot plus 5 level brightness adjustments, bring infinite eye relief and brilliant experience.

rifle scope


Last but not least, about the price, we have to mention that the price of holographic sights are naturally much higher than red dot sight...


Laser Sight

How can a qualified 3-piece optic set comes no laser sight?  You firearms needed to be effective in both broad daylight and in low light conditions.


Why green laser? 

The green laser is the most recommended laser since its high-end tech structure will achieve your full shooting potential.


1. Powerful daytime visibility--That's the biggest reason to use the green laser sight. You will get much easier to see the targets in broad daylight through green sight than red.

2: Stronger Nighttime visibility--The laser distance at night is several times that of red.

3. Unlimited target acquisition--Compared to red laser, green laser won't obstruct by other light sources, strength the quicker and stable target acquisition.  

If you are looking for a laser sight that can be fitted all lighting conditions well, green laser is your go-to choice.

Why red laser?


The red laser sight as the most common type of laser for pistols and rifles , because they also feature indeed many advantages.

1.Ultra durable--high quality aluminum material could withstand stronger recoil than green laser, that effective relief your physical hurt from that.

2.Compared to green laser, red lasers have wider operational temperature range. The red laser is generally operational between 15 to 120 degrees, while a green laser is operational between 40 and 100 degrees. That’s to say under extreme cold or hot condition, the work time of red laser will longer than the green one.

3.Longer battery life-- yes, the simpler technology of a red laser consumes less power than green, so you'll get longer battery life.

rifle scope

Get Benefits from laser sights

Much more faster target acquisition

Stable aiming while you’re moving or in a panic

Best for home defense and training aid

Great to use with night vision device



Now, the last question is for you. What's the most universal rifle scope+high-end holographic dot sights+stable red laser sights going to be equal to?

The answer is to infinite close to your target, then...HIT!

Choose CVLIFE, Choose Profession





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