New Gun Control Policy: Visa To Catorize Gun Sales At Gun Stores

Visa announced Saturday that the world's largest payment processing corporation will begin individually classifying firearm purchases at weapon shops.

Gun control activists have encouraged the decision, declaring it will allow for easier tracking of weapon sales and assist prevent mass shootings, the Associated Press reported. 2nd Amendment advocates, nevertheless, see the move as an unsafe infringement on legal firearm sales.

Visa's decision will allow banks to make decisions with boosted information on whether they will permit purchases at weapon stores on their cards. The relocation might also cause other corporations like Mastercard and American Express to embrace a comparable policy, the AP reported. The payment processing company, however, declared that it will continue to "secure" the legal selling and buying of goods on its network.

Earlier this week leftist Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said charge card companies have a responsibility to work harder towards stopping mass shootings.

The two legislators authored a letter, which was signed by more than 12 other Democrats, urging credit card business to more carefully track gun sales. "The creation of a new [merchant category code] for gun and ammo stores would be the primary step towards facilitating the collection of important monetary data that might assist law enforcement in countering the financing of terrorism efforts," the letter checked out.


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