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Best CVLIFE Reflex Red Dot Sight in 2022

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Best CVLIFE Reflex Red Dot Sight in 2022

As a budget red dot, it offers quality performance for casual and recreational applications in normal to ideal conditions.

Today we are going to show you the best MCG reflex red dot sight.

Our CVLIFE 1x22x33 is the best reflex sight for the money. 

It costs less than $50 and some have declared it performs similarly as good as $100 optics.

Is it real? And is it worth the money?

Let's find out ... 

cvlife dot sights 4 reticles

Glass Clearness & Reticle

The CVLife 1x22x33 Red/ Green Dot scope includes a red/green dot system.

It's powered by two CR2032 batteries (included with purchase).

The scope permits you to choose in between 4 reticle patterns:

  1. Circle Dot
  2. Cross
  3. 10 MOA
  4. 3 MOA

There are 5 levels of brightness.

A 3-position rheostat situated on the top of the optic controls the reticle's strength and color.

The brightness is fairly great and it works well in broad daytime and low light conditions

Eye Relief & Eye Box

Eye relief on the CVLife 1x22x33x is boundless.

Like a lot of reflex sights, the lens that you browse is a lot wider. This gives a great deal of room to move either closer or even more away when intending.

If you have poor eyesight, this design of optic may feel a lot more comfortable than others.

The lens is well positioned relative to where your face would normally rest and the eye box is big enough to handle more challenging angles.

dual illuminated

Sturdiness & Weight

At simply 4.6 oz, this scope is feather-light.

The body has an anodized matte black surface and is built from aluminum alloy.

When you choose it up, it has a strong, strong feel in your hands. It carries out well on a lot of guns, but it may not carry out for long.

 The reflex sight does feature a rubber protective covering for the lens. USE IT! If the scope falls or gets hit, the lens will likely scratch or crack.

Elevation & Windage Knobs

This scope is really easy to zero. It even features an Allen wrench for making changes to elevation and windage.


Zoom & Parallax

Zoom is 1 × 22 with endless parallax modification.

Great for medium-range shooting, hunting, and house defense.

If you are looking to merely strike the range, have fun from time to time or searching for an inexpensive optic for your handgun, the CVLIFE 1x22x33 might be a good option for you.

 Fully multi-coated lenses

To sum up:

If you need a really short-lived "reflex solution" till you can afford something more dependable, this might be your answer.

Or maybe you simply want to provide this style of scope a shot without making much of a financial sacrifice. Either way, we have fantastic customer care and support our items.

As a budget red dot, it offers quality performance for casual and recreational applications in normal to ideal conditions.

Without argument, our CVLife red dot is one of the most popular, budget red dot sights in the market to date.



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