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5 Must Have Rifle Accessories

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5 Must Have Rifle Accessories

Who doesn’t want to pick up a little something extra? Here are some must-have accessories that not only help protect your firearm but can also help you train or keep you safe. These awesome, yet inexpensive, additions are things you might not have ever imagined that you may need. Walking out of the door of a sporting goods store with your new rifle was the first step. Now it’s time to accessorize your firearm to its maximum survival potential. You’d be relieved that you have all the required add-ons when you have to provide food for your family, or even defend them, in a survival situation.

When you’ve spent serious bucks on optics, you got to protect that precious investment, especially the glass ends of your scope. Rain, dust, limb scratches and similar elements can over time affect the clarity of your attachment. It pays to protect your targeting tool until it’s needed. You have two basic choices when it comes to scope protection. They are the flip-up scope covers or a bikini wrap. Despite its alluring name, the bikini wrap is simply a rubber or neoprene stretch covering for the objective and eyepiece ends of your rifle scope. Some neoprene models wrap the entire scope, but both are removed with a tug-and-lift procedure. What you do with the cover after that depends upon the situation unravelling at the moment. For this reason, the second choice is usually preferable.

A sling is a useful part if your kit. Here again, you have two options. You can opt for springy or rigid slings. Both types have their own benefits although very different. Traditional rigid slings can be constructed of leather, nylon or other non-stretch material. In addition to providing sturdy stability on your shoulder, its other main benefit is to provide a brace for a steadier shot when you wrap it around your forearm or lock it into an elbow. In all shooting positions, it can stabilize your shot. Add a wide pad to the rigid strap and you get a comfortable ride for your gun.

When targets move, you flinch or the wind blows a situation may arise where you may empty your magazine and need an instant to reload. Have those extra cartridges ready and within easy reach. It’s alarming to see how many unbelievably clumsy hunters still carry a handful of cartridges in their pockets that rattle and poke them throughout the day. You should carry at least five to six extra cartridges in the field. Most carriers accommodate nine or more bullet band. You can also use a padded, wallet-style holder that fits on your belt and is secured by Velcro to fold out instantly. Most hold 10 cartridges. Leather belt carriers, clip-on forend carriers and cartridge holders are sewn onto slings all give you a speedy resolution to follow-up shots.

If your shooting skills are not exactly of military precision, consider boosting your accuracy with a portable rest. If you find yourself in a stump-less environment, the easiest answer is a sturdy set of shooting sticks or even a tripod version. These rests would provide you with the options to shoot from sitting or standing positions with the brace of an adjustable shooting rest.

Finally, protection goes one step further by sliding your weapon into a moisture-resistant case.


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